Jersey's best (and only) waterfall

Jersey's best (and only) waterfall

You'd think that an island would have a plethora of waterfalls. Well seems like Jersey isn't one of those islands and only has 1 waterfall. And calling it a waterfall is me being extremely generous, but water is falling so I guess waterfall will have to do.



J's friend was kind enough to drive us to Plemont Bay saving us a bus journey. I must say that the bus system in Jersey is pretty good. They are clean, run on time and have leather seats. That's a total upgrade to my usual in London.

When we got to Plemont, the sea was beaconing me. I was surprised at how quiet it was considering how beautiful it was. If I'm being honest, it was a relief. It's one of those places which isn't as popular as the main towns but deserves to be. We parked the car and started the descent to the bay. Midway you'll find a cafe so if you're shattered, you can stop and get yourself a drink.



The waterfall is under the stairs inside the caves. You can tell from the pictures it's not like some of the famous waterfalls around the world, but it's beautiful in its own way



After figuring out how to leave the caves with getting as wet as little as possible (this was impossible. The blue trainers soak water like a sponge) we spent sometime admiring the beautiful blue water. I was so glad I managed to get to see this lesser known place of Jersey. It's probably the beginning of my journey of going beyond the normal and usual spots. Funny how Jersey seems to be the start of interesting times in my travel life


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