The Chilled City of Copenhagen have no idea how much I was ready for this trip...I had had a week from hell to say the least and all I could think about was my trip to Copenhagen.That was pretty much the only thing that kept me sane for the rest of the week and when those wheels left the ground..I'm pretty sure I let out a sigh of relieve. And what a city to go and relax in !

Where to begin...well I flew out to Copenhagen with Tom my boyfriend. He too, like myself enjoys travelling and taking pictures which is a good thing otherwise he would have been bored with all the sight seeing we did. We arrived in Copenhagen at around lunch time and headed to the city centre from the airport and checked into our Airbnb. Now this was my first experience with Airbnb and I have no idea why I had never used it before. It's brilliant ! You feel much less like a tourist even though you are and you get to meet some of the locals. The place where we stayed at was pretty central, plenty of fantastic food places and the famous Meatpacking district which is where we had lunch that day.

After lunch we took a little stroll just to see the type of area where we were and it was pretty nice.

After that we had dinner. We went to this sourdough pizza place called Mother. Their pizza portions are extremely generous and it was pretty good too. 
The next day we went out and headed to Christiania or Freetown Christiana. When we got there, our hosts girlfriend was telling us how in this area people build their own houses and they don't pay tax because they live there. I just thought it was a fascinating concept. So that was our next stop. We got to see more of the city, passed a lot of cyclists or rather they passed us and had a very yummy pastry from Lagkagehuset (well Tom did I was still way too full from breakfast).

I didn't get to take a lot of pictures of their houses. Firstly we passed by the controversial green light district were photography is strictly prohibited and we hadn't realised when we'd passed it so by the time we were actually able to take pictures we had walked too far round the place. But it's a peace full area. I think the greenery just makes it a really chilled place.

For lunch we made our way back to the city centre and had an open sandwich which one of their traditional meals on a platform on the canal. It was very weird..I don't think I've ever even on a boat so that was pretty cool.

For dinner we went to this beautiful place called Kul. Wow. Firstly, if you are going to go there, make a reservation. We were going to have dinner there the night before but of course Saturday night, really packed. So we made one for Sunday. The atmosphere was great. Everything looked great on the menu and deciding isn't a strong point for either of us so we had the Chef's 5 course meal. The chef made excellent choices, everything that i had was off the charts . It's been a long while since I had food like if you happen to go to Copenhagen please go there. I promise it's worth the money you will spend. Which is another thing, the Scandinavian cities are pretty pricey, so be prepared.

The next day it rained ! The weather had been pretty tolerable (just grey skies) until then. So we did very little. We did visit Illum, one of the department stores there and my goodness everything there was beautiful. There's something amazing about Danish design. I think the simplicity does it for me.

On our last day, we decided to visit some museums. We would have done it the day before, whilst it was raining but pretty much all of the museums were closed. Anyway we went to the design museum and I was pretty disappointed. I had high hopes for it, because of what I had seen so far but it wasn't good. So don't go there. We then ventured around the area, we went to Kastellet which is a star-shaped fortress. When we walked around it we realised that if you were an enemy, it would be pretty hard to attack because of how well protected it was.

Then we passed through and saw Amalienborg which is their royal courtyard. Finally we went passed Nyhavn. Although we didn't spend a lot of time here, I really loved this place. Its vibrant and bustling with activity and there's a lot to see. Unfortunately we were pressed for time as we had to catch our flight, but if I was to have the opportunity to go back, I'll definitely want to go back there.

The Danes were the friendliest people I have met yet whilst travelling. Everyone speaks English which makes it extremely easy to communicate and their food was fantastic.

Where to next...not sure...still thinking but it'll be soon :)

Till next time