Beautiful Bruges

When I was planning to go to Belgium, everyone said go to Bruges. No one actually wanted me to go to Brussels and so I took their advice. I was really excited about the trip as it was going to be the first journey I would make on the Eurostar. All I kept asking myself was why have I not done this before. The journey to Brussels was quick and easy and from there I waited for the connecting train to Bruges and it seemed like everyone had the same idea too :)

When I followed the masses of people that were walking to the city centre in Bruges, I began to realise why people preferred to go to be in Bruges over Brussels. This quiet town had a little bit of magic. The medieval buildings had a beautiful charm to them and it could only get better. 

Bruges is another land of canals and you may be lucky and jump on a canal tour. Another way to explore the city is on a horse drawn carriage. Both ways would ensure that you see the main sights of the city. But you know me by now, I enjoy being on foot getting lost and seeing all those hidden gems that they never tell you about doing those tours. Like a small shop called Kathe Wohlfart which is a Christmas shop that’s open all year round. I know, a christmas shop open all year round with the cutest decorations I have ever seen. 


From there I got tons see a lot more of the city before making my way to the city centre. The Markt is a bustle of activity and has the most beautiful buildings. Belfort is a tower in the square and you can go up there and see the whole town. If going up all the way there makes you a bit scared then go to the Historium Bruges. If you go one level up, there’s a bar in there and you’ll be able to go to the balcony and you’ll have a pretty great view of the city

As you continue to walk from the city centre as you’re walking towards Rozenhoedkaai, you’ll pass Burg which in my opinion is the most beautiful Parliament on God’s green earth.

But don’t stay there for too long. Keep going until you see Rozenhoedkaai and hope that the swans are close by. I’m sure this place looks magical in the spring. It’s also the most photographed place in Bruges , make sure you get a selfie in (or as someone to take one for you) 

In my opinion, the best part of my day was going into a Belgian Waffle shop where I got a waffle on a stick covered in belgian white chocolate. Oh my goodness. The chocolate was warm and the waffle was perfect. I almost went and got another one. 

Waffle on a stick ! 

Waffle on a stick ! 

I think the next time I go to a Belgian City I'llhave to try the Frites (French Fries ) after all they originated here. Also - My heart is broken over the attacks in Brussels. To think I had been there on a Saturday and then the attacks happened on the following Tuesday , it's just crazy. I'm praying for the families of those who lost their lives and for peace, all around the world. 

On my journey back home I was sat next to a beautiful lady called Dr Beatrice. She's an amazing woman who's going through a pretty awesome journey at the moment ! I love meeting people who I can share my story to and then they realise that they too can go out there and do the things they love the most, whether alone or with other people. That's what I love about travelling. You never know who you are going to inspire. 

Where next, well the Blue Trainers may or may not go to Palma, Spain but we'll see. I might have a featuring sandals section x