The Italian Riviera : Amalfi Coast

The Italian Riviera : Amalfi Coast

"French Riviera baby girl lets take a trip" Rick Ross was right about taking a trip so the Blue Trainers took a trip but instead of going to the French Riviera, I went to the Italian Riviera. And wow ! What a trip it was. Like most people that go to Amalfi I took a day trip there and I really enjoyed my trip. So come along with the Blue Trainers and let's take a trip. 

 We'll start in Naples, of course, and head over to the main train station. There is a train that will take you to Sorrento and depending on which one you get it will either take 45 min or 1 hour 25. There are great views on the way of Mount Vesuvius on the way, but you might want to stand up a little and then you’ll have a better view. (If the train gets a little crowded, bear with it most people get off at Pompeii). At Sorrento, use the exit for “no luggage”; because we have none - it’s a day trip remember.

When you come out of the station, you'll see the City Sightseeing Tour Bus. Don't roll your eyes. It's not an open tour bus, it's more of a coach and there is no standing here. It's a lot more comfortable than the Sita Bus and it's more scenic. The route is along the coast via Positano and it's the best coach journey I have been to so far.Make sure you sit on the right hand side of the coach. I sat on the wrong side and I didn’t manage to enjoy the scenery, as I wanted to. So take note. Right is best. 

In an hour and 20 minutes, you'll arrive in Amalfi. Now, this is the tricky part - lately I’m all about food. Maybe the blog will change to Blue Trainer Food Travels because I’ve started really enjoying the food from my travels. Anyway, if you’re hungry by the time you get to Amalfi then head to La Tarvena del Duca. Take a sit in the square and face “la fontana de cape 'e ciucci”, it’s a great people watching spot. 

As you’re walking up to the restaurant, you’ll have an opportunity to see the town of Amalfi. It's pretty small so I'm sure you'll finish it in about 20 min.

After lunch, make your way back down to the beach. Sit by the beach and marvel at the blue water. If the tide is low go up the rocks and take lots of pictures. And I mean a lot. 

Afterwards, make your way back to the bus station. When you get there, get on the City Sightseeing tour bus to Ravello. This is probably the scariest journey I have taken in my life. This is an open tour bus, and the journey to Ravello is uphill and goes through mountains. That alone is scary as hell. But the sweet smell of the sea, coupled with the scent of lemons made me forget about it all. 
When you get to Ravello, head over to Villa Rufolo. This is why we are here. To see the gardens in this beautiful place (If you're planning a destination wedding, here's another idea :) ) I loved Villa Rufolo. The architecture, the gardens, the views. I could live in a place like this :) 

Time flies when you are having fun ! If I didn't have a flight to catch I would have stayed a lot longer here. I made my way back to Amalfi and I was hoping that I could get to Positano as I was making my way back to Sorrento, so I had to settle with seeing Positano as we drove by. This time I sat on the left hand side and it was perfect. 

The Amalfi Coast is a must see. But make sure you go hand in hand with the one to love ❤️

Till next time X