The hidden Venetian gems : Murano and Burano

My first experience of island hopping was during my trip to Venice. It was my second full day in Venice and after exploring mainland I was ready to go out and see more of the Italian City. Before I left everyone told me to make sure I went to Murano and Burano so I made sure to go and see what they hype was about. 
I got a day tourist travel pass which I feel is a bargain considering the travelling that I did. Navigating the water bus system is relatively easy. If you're able to follow a map, you'll do fine :) 
The first stop was Murano and it seems like I wasn't the only person who wanted to go there. 
The journey was pleasant, being on the water was a great feeling, I don't think I have been on a boat for as long as I have been when I was doing this trip and it was really calming for me.  
I also got to see some amazing views of Venice as we were making our journey to Murano. 

When I got off at Murano, I was amazed at the beauty of the place. Everything was colourful and charming. And what I really loved about this place was that it was quiet. You could actually hear your own thoughts. After spending a day in busy Venice, it was really refreshing to be in the more quieter area of the city. Also Murano is where glass is made, so you'll find a lot of shops offering glass making tours. If you are into that kind of thing, then you have to go and see it, otherwise allow yourself to get lost in this quiet city. 

 I really loved the star that is made out of glass bottles. It's a tribute to the little glass making town of Murano. It's the most difficult shot to take, but when you do go out there please try and take it. Then walk across and have lunch at the restaurant that is right across it. 

From there, I followed the signs to Burano. I waited for the next waterbus and I must say and although there were a lot of people waiting for the water bus, but I was determined to make sure that I got into the next one that came along. 
I saw Burano before Burano saw me and may I say I was amazed. I could see the colourful buildings before the water bus docked and I could not get out quicker. 
I walked off the water bus and onto a water colour. Although Burano was a lot more popular, it was still quiet and the magic was still there, not tainted.  Being there was probably the most magic experience'll see what I mean

So yes ...I was mesmerised and speechless pretty much the entire hour and a half I was in Burano.

If you do go to Venice and you want to venture to the other islands, definitely go to Murano first. Admittedly, it's not as picture perfect as Burano, but there's a beauty in it's quietness. 

So this concludes my journal for my trip to Venice. This was my favourite trip, probably a tie with Vienna and if given a chance to go back to Venice, I would without a doubt. 
It's taken a lot longer to post this because I lost my grandmother a few days after I returned from Venice. She was the most amazing woman I have ever met, and I am basically who I am because of her. I just pray that I can continue to make her proud x

Where to next, well, not sure. I had to use a lot of my holiday to go back home to Zimbabwe, so my trips will be limited, but I'm hoping it's going to be Portugal 😛

Till next time, 😘