Bonjour Bordeaux

Why Bordeaux ???  Trust me when I was on the plane I was asking myself the same question. What's even in Bordeaux, man where is it ??Well it's in the South-West of France  and it's famous for its wine, though both of the glasses I had....well ...let's just say that I should not be trusted with the wine menu :P

So my flight was in the morning, which I almost missed (never trust trains) and I headed straight to the hotel. I'll be honest,it was definitely much different compared to when I went to Copenhagen. Knowing that there was someone on the other side waiting for your arrival and even show you around made the Copenhagen trip feel less like a touristy type trip and it was so much better (travelling with someone else makes the difference too) . So the verdict is still out on hotels vs Airbnb. My journey to the hotel was really easy, all I had to do was just jump on 1 bus straight to the city centre. After I was all checked in I took a little nap then I was ready to go and sightsee.

All of these beautiful views were within 5 min walking distance form my hotel room. Being out there was refreshing. I love just being able to walk around and feel the place. I wasn't sure how far away the main town centre was, so I jumped on the tram. Their transport system is brilliant. You get one ticket (equivalent to a travel card) and you get unlimited travel on the bus, tram, train and also on the river boat. So it's a brilliant deal, if you do decide to go there, get it. Few stops later I was in the city centre, ready to see a whole lot more, but these trees had me stopping at my tracks. The wind also picked up so I knew I was very close to the River Garrone, that flows to the Atlantic Ocean from Bordeaux.

There's a lot of culture here. Every statue that they have, every landmark, every architectural structure has a little plaque that tells you about it. Its amazing because it doesn't make you wonder what you are looking at. Take for example the fountains above, they are found at the Place des Quinconces , the horses were actually removed during the German occupation during the World War II were then reerected. All that I read on that little plaque (I wish i had taken a picture of it. Trust me you wouldn't miss it.)  But it's things like that, I would not have known. I would have been like oh cool statue and fountains and carried on. So those made my trip more enjoyable, because I was beginning to learn a whole lot more about their culture. And the picture of the trees, that's what gives the place it's name, because the trees are planted in rows.

Then I walked a little further and I found it :) The highlight of Bordeaux, Mirror d'Eau. It's beautiful. Look at those reflections

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Can you work it out ? Ok so The building being reflected is Place de la Bourse and across the road is this rectangle , how can I put it, it's not a fountain as such because it's flat and the water was not flowing into the outlets that are on the sides. The best time to get the best reflection is when there is no wind. That way the water is still and you get the best reflections. So it took me the best part of 2 days to be able to get a good shot (the cover photo). As it's winter here in Europe, it got dark very quickly but I managed to get a few more shots before the end of the day.

So the next day, there was some sunshine :) but it was extremely windy, but I was determined to set out and see some more places.

Did you notice the crazy parked car ?? Anyway I found myself back by the River Garrone and I decided to walk to the other side of the river. It was like walking across the River Thames, but   the River Garrone my, my ! But when I got to the other side I didn't see much :| By the time I was getting back, the clouds were brewing and a storm was coming.

So I headed back to my hotel and it rained hard, but in the evening I had to go out. It's always nice to see a place at night. And it was amazing. I basically sat in front of the Place de la Bourse for a while and just enjoyed that moment.

This year has been amazing. So much happened, but through it all I look back and I can only smile :) Honestly, all I can say is that God never un-promises anything, and that keeps me going. So here's to even more amazing experiences. Merry Christmas to you all and Have a Happy New Year !

Till next year x