Just by the side of Amsterdam

Hello Europe and Hello Amsterdam. This was a trip of firsts on many levels. The first European Trip, first time of me using my passport which allows me access to 176 countries apparently, and the first trip I took to Europe with a friend. Yes people we have a special guest :) Say hello to my best friend Yas :)


So from the airport we headed straight to Centraal Station which would take us to the city centre and we set ourselves loose. Yas's friend Aquiles was kind enough to come and show us some of the best places to see.

From the station we took a walk along the main streets till we got the Dam. This is the city centre where a lot of activity seemed to be taking place.

Can you imagine Buckingham Palace without the gates ! Well this is their palace, right in the middle of the Square.


And then when you turn around you see the famous De Bijenkorf mall. If you're comparing it to a London Mall, it's right up there with Selfridges in my opinion. IMG_0792

We carried on walking until we saw the to the smallest apartment in Amsterdam. Can you see it ? Can you believe that's a complete house !

I must say, the amount of bicycles there made me realise that if I lived there, I would know how to cycle ( yes don't judge me...I can't cycle ...or swim ).

Amsterdam is very much famous for it's canals. I loved them, they sort of formed like intersections. So when you are walking, every other street was a canal and they are beautiful


We did walk to the famous red light district. Uhm yeah...I'll leave it at that

It did rain for a while. An actual thunderstorm can you handle but after a while it passed over and there was just a light drizzle so we carried on seeing the place before our time passed away. Notice the crooked buildings, I like that rebellious nature.

Yep that Magnum store....you can make your own Magnum. We had just had the most amazing Apple Pie so I really didn't have space to fit in any more..Talking about food...their McDonald's is really nice the milkshake yummy :)

Amsterdam was great. A fantastic place to have a day trip too..or even a weekend. I'm sure if you could go there, you would go to the other places and see a lot more. It was the tulip season but a lot of the tulips were starting to dry out.

Till next time x

(Title is from Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons)