Little Island called Jersey

I know. I thought of it when I had booked my flight. Why Jersey ? What's in Jersey ? Why did I even think of booking Jersey ? Yeah same thoughts you are thinking but when my plane started descending for landing, I was happy I chose Jersey. Landing into Jersey

The weather was gorgeous. Nice spring weather, warm  with light winds. So perfect for sightseeing.
Jersey is a small island with a few towns but they are all relatively close to each other. When I got to the airport, I didn't really have a clue of where to go to from here. Unlike other people, when I travel to places, I don't necessarily have a plan. I just get up and go and walk wherever I think is nice. So I picked up a travel guide with places to see and I jumped on a bus that could take me to the capital city, St Helier. The bus journey was very quick, their buses are on time, unlike London buses and they are very comfy.
St Helier 
This is the capital of Jersey, and from what I saw has the most shops and banks were here. I loved the market, come to think of it, I don't think I've been in an indoor market ...I should go to more..and the marina word beauty :)

Cobière, St Brelade
Then I jumped onto another bus heading to Cobière where there's supposed to be a lighthouse. I got off the bus and I guess I was expecting to be right beneath the lighthouse but I wasn't. So I thought maybe I'm at the wrong place but then I turned and nothing could have prepared me for the scene I found there. Isn't it beautiful ??

Jersey is known for it's cows and I think having a Jersey ice cream was in order :)

St Brelade
If you come here and you're on the south side of the island, then this is your strolling beach. Of course you can do the same at Corbière but in St Brelade there are more places to eat and chill. Also if you're looking to take some surfing lessons, they can hook you up.

St Alban's 
This was my final stop. When I was on the bus in I was fascinated by the statues that you see here at the bottom, so I knew that I had to take a picture of them at some point. When I got closer to take a picture of them, I discovered that they actually had amazing words inscribed on them

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin


The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not fighting the old, but on building the new -: Socrates

So this is it. This is Jersey :) And it is a little island