I know, I know, it's late, like really late but I've been so swamped with so many thinks happening. But is Glasgow. I love Scotland. I don't know why but it feels so much calmer there, and I love going to a place where there is another kind of note for the same currency..I know right insane. But I've realised that the further north you travel, the friendlier the people are. And I saw that from the moment I landed to when I checked into my hotel room that had one of the best views of the River Clyde. My favourite experience was getting on the subway. Not that I normally don't get on the subway ...(I live in London - the underground is part of my commute) but I tend to not get public transport when I'm away from home. I either walk or take a taxi so their subway was really interesting. For me the best part was probably the moment I realised how their ticket or rather "smart card" worked. To me it looked like a ticket, but like an Oyster card here you just touch and the gates open. That's the coolest thing !!

When I ventured to Edinburgh before I never got to go to the museum but this time I did and boy was I impressed. Kelvingrove is not only a museum but it's also an art gallery so if you are ever up in Glasgow, go and visit it.

The weather was amazing during the day so that meant that I could actually see the sun set and since my hotel room was overlooking the river, I though what a better way to end my sightseeing. Look at that sunset. Such beauty ha.

So with all the exams and new things happening in my life, it might be a while before I go somewhere new...but it will happen soon, and I'll tell you all about it..hopefully sooner...

Till next time x