A morning in London

I'm not sure how many parts there will be, but be prepared to have a sort of itinerary of where to go when you visit London Town if it's your first time visiting. I live here, but I decided to do this little London Series so that I can take you can have a sample of the things that you can see when you come to London from the more generic things to hidden gems in England's capital.

 Spring is my favourite season in London. The days are longer, so you can explore more places before it gets dark. The flowers are blooming and everything is not gloomy (though there is beauty in London's famous dreary weather... And you might have some really nice days where it doesn't actually rain! And on Saturday when I did this it wasn't raining ๐Ÿ˜Š. So let's get to it...

But first breakfast.... Breakfast is by far my favourite meal. As I tend to walk around a lot, I love knowing that I've had a good solid meal then I don't have to worry about having a really good lunch. So I went to the Breakfast Club.  I really love this place because of the atmosphere, I always feel like I'm in America for some reason and they make the best pancakes. But be warned.... itโ€™s a VERY popular place. So the earlier you go the less time you'll have to queue to be seated ...I don't think they do reservations. 

From there I made my way to Buckingham Palace from Victoria. The walk takes about 10 min. I could have taken a train from Victoria but I wanted to show you Westminster Cathedral.

I know not the one you were expecting. I bet you were thinking of Westminster Abbey (strangely I don't have a picture of that). So the next time you get someone saying to you "Oh Westminster Cathedral..."please share the truth with him or her!

I was aiming to get to Buckingham Palace for 11:15. This is when the Changing of the Guard ceremony begins (11:30 everyday but make sure you check the calendar before you go because it changes.) This is probably the best free Royal experience that you can get when you come to visit and trust me. It's totally worth it. 

After that hat has finished then take a walk through St James Park. This is my favourite park in London, I always find myself here sometimes when I just want to take time out from the world and it's easy to get to. Follow the signs to Horse Guards Parade that will take you to see where the soldiers are presented to the queen annually. As you walk through the Horse Guards Parade to the other side, you find yourself at Whitehall.  

I like to think of this part of London as the Political side of London. As you turn right into Whitehall from the Horse Guard's Parade, you'll see some of the war monuments that were erected in commemoration of the wars, you'll see he famous Downing Street and as you continue walking you'll get to Parliament Square.

 In Parliament Square, you'll find the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and of course Elizabeth Tower where Big Ben resides (Big Ben is the bell and not the whole structure) and if you go there when the Nation's flags have been put up on the Square. The traffic is mad in this place and as you continue your walk I would suggest you walk along the Houses of Parliament. You will have to cross over but I assure you, the human traffic, is better on this side of the road.

As you walk over the Thames you'll start seeing some of London's gorgeous bridges ๐Ÿ˜. My favourite is the Chelsea Bridge at night but sadly you can't see it from this side.

 Now you should be able to see the London Eye by now also called the Coca-Cola London Eye. For Epic views of London, this is the place you want to be at. Maybe I'll do another edition called "views of London" which would show you different views of London from different places. By now, you should have crossed over so you can walk along the South Bank and see more of London.  

Depending on when you go, there is always something happening. Watch out for the Udderbelly Festival that is a free festival hosted every year if you come during springtime and if you come during winter, there will be a winter market there too. 

As you keep walking along the Thames you'll come up to your first bridge. This is the Golden Jubilee Bridge and I love this bridge because I feel it gives you a nice view of the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye together. Isn't London just pretty??  

Keep walking on the bridge and you'll get to the end of it, if you went on the right bridge you should be in Charing Cross. Today we are going to continue going up so that you can see Trafalgar. Another day, we'll start here and go another way. (Note you can also get to Trafalgar from white hall. Just turn left at Horse Guard Parade instead of right.

 Trafalgar Square is where you'll find the National Gallery and the smaller sister the National Portrait Gallery. If you're like me and you love art then this is the place for you. Otherwise you can just take pictures of the building and then grab some food. You deserve it! 

That's is the end of Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2 where I continue on this journey. Let me know if this has been helpful and hey leave a comment or like (if you want) 

Till next time x