Wondering Around Museums

It's been a long while since I've blogged. 79 days to be exact. It's been a busy couple of months, I had exams, then I started my job and things have been busy since. But now I think I'm getting back into the flow of things.

Also I sold my Canon. As some of you may know, I didn't like it anymore, everything about it annoyed me, the weight, the lens, nothing did it for me. So yeah I sold it, and I bought a Fujifilm X-M1. I was extremely sceptical about it but then I decided to go out and take some shots and see how I got on. The first couple of shots that I took, I hated but eventually I got the hang of it and I loved all the shots that I took.

So my sister Sam and I went out to two of London's museums. First stop was the Natural History Museum. This happens to be one of my favourite museums because it showcases the world we live in and how things have changed. But most of all, I love the building. This was my second visit and I was quite keen to see a lot more of it than my first visit.
The best thing about museum exhibitions is the presentation. It's one thing to have fossils, it's a whole different ball game to tell a story that will engage both adults and children. From the moment o got in, my excitement levels went up a bit. And it was the perfect opportunity for me to start taking some shots. Beautiful ! I'm in love no doubt.

After we had our fill of the Natural History Museum we crossed over to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Now I liked the Natural History Museum as in the building, but I LOVED the V&A museum ! I walked in and I was floored. Its a beautiful building. Everything about it is all about art and design and it’s very arty and very designer. Look at that ceiling I mean, I could stay here the whole day. The tea room, I couldn’t take a full shot of the place because it was so busy, but it’s actually the first restaurant in a museum. It’s beautiful. Next time I’m going to have tea there :)

I had to cut the day short because I had other engagements later that evening but we will be going off to the Imperial War museum and the Science Museum on Saturday. In terms of my next travel …well I’m off to Copenhagen ! So excited ! So if any one of you lovely people have been there, and know of good places to visit/eat let me know ....
Till next time