Little Alley Ways

So I bought my new iPhone...the iPhone 6. I was so inspired by the shots that I saw from Apple's website and I was like I want to go out and take shots like that. The other day one of my friend posted a picture of these umbrellas. I spent the good part of last year trying to find these umbrellas. I remember going to London Bridge trying to desperately find these umbrellas andI couldn't. So you can imagine how frustrating it was for me to see people posting the pictures on Instagram and not being able to find the place. The weather was nice today...nice in winter standard ( I refuse to believe that we are in spring) so I decided to go out for a serious hunt. And guess what it paid off...aren't they beautiful

Then of course I could not just stop there. I went on towards Tower Bridge and I enjoyed the nice stroll there. I took a few more pictures whilst I was there too of course.

So I think I'm going to love taking pictures using my iPhone.

Next stop, Jersey Channel Islands.

Till next time x