Iceland was an experience and a half. There's nowhere where I have been which was so beautiful and so peaceful and so full of wonder. I've been rendered speecheless and so I'll just leave you with these photos from our time there. 


First on the list was the thermal lands that saw us walking in a geothermal field with temperatures of up to 100º could boil an egg...and it did smell eggy ! (It's the sulphur dioxide which makes it smell) 

And then we saw mightly waterfalls, that ensured that I was soaked to the bone as I tried to get closer to them. But some make for perfect backdrops to showing how tiny we are compared to them. 

We saw some old explosions.....and some new ones

We saw the effects of global warming - yes Mr President, it does exist. 

We then had an opportunity to see some insane landscapes. Think black sand beach and blue water :) 

We rounded that all up with a trip to a city which made me extremely jealous of what they have on their doorstep. 

What's my verdict you ask, would I go back to Iceland ? Absolutely. And if you haven't decided to go yet, I hope this is the sign that you need :) 

Till next time