Friday Lunchtime Adventure -: Tate Modern

Friday Lunchtime Adventure -: Tate Modern

Most of the time, I spend my lunch time just walking around looking for something to eat. But today I decided to head off to the the Tate Modern. Now from where I work, it's not too difficult to get there, if I walked there, it would probably take me about 15 -20 min and I wasn't taking chances on my 1 hour break. I took the underground from Liverpool Street Station to St Paul's and then walked the rest of the way. 

I feel I always take the same pictures, like the one above. So i challenged myself try and take pictures from a different perspective. I think I'm in love with angles because that was the first thing that I noticed about St Paul's. I still haven't gone in there. Definitely adding it to the list of things to do this year. I also really like the black and white one of the man enjoying his lunch minding his business. Peaceful yet slightly lonely at the same time.

Realising that I was running out of time, I quickly headed across the Millennium Bridge over to the Tate Modern. I'd been here before, and it was a little crowded so I hoped that this next time it wouldn't be so crowded and I was lucky. I managed to take a panoramic view of the City of London from the 10th floor at the Tate Modern's Switch house.  More importantly I was able to pause which I haven't been able to do much of lately. The first week of the new year has been busy. I have been feeling swept off my feet pretty much most of the time so this was a great opportunity for me to stop, breathe and restock. I must admit, after that I felt energised to head back to the office and get on with some work (but didn't because we had a firedrill the moment I got back). 

I think i need to dedicate some time when I can come and actually see the artwork which they showcase at the Tate Modern. Maybe I need a whole weekend for museums. 

After obsessing about the staircase on the ground floor it was time to go back to work. I loved this little exercise that I had given to myself because it made me challenge myself in several ways including my creativity which is something I would like to work on this year. Baby Steps.