A new year, a new plan

Every year we do this, we write down the things we want to achieve in the following year and the things that we want to start doing to make us better people. And to be honest, it's hard. We are set in our ways, like I am not a morning person at all. Ask J, I love a good lie in, now for me to say I will go to the gym in the morning before work would be unrealistic. It won't happen. But then I thought to the other part of my life that I have fallen in love with, travelling. This past year, it's been about pushing myself and getting out there and seeing places. But that's what I did. I saw. I took pictures and shared them. I was essentially a spectator and now at the end of the year I’m sitting here asking myself, what impact has all the different places made in my life ? What impact have I made in other people’s lives on my journey? I’m sad to say but nothing comes to mind. So my new year’s resolution for the coming year is simple. I want to experience life as a local in every place that I go to and learn more about their culture and why they do things a certain way. I want to meet people who have come from all walks of life and hear their stories so far and I want to help be the change in whatever little way that I can, whether it’s going to an orphanage to play with the children or even read them a book. I want to go to a market and experience the hustle and bustle (and get shouted at for picking and pressing things) or go on a river cruise/ hot air balloon or anything crazy like that. I want to hike, swim and cycle (currently learning how to swim and will enlist J to teach me how to cycle). Most importantly I want to get to the same time next year and look back and be able to tell you the differences that travelling has made.

What better way to share this with you, than in my diary.

Welcome. To the Blue Trainer Diaries