That four letter word

We went to Wales, and J booked us tickets to go to Bounce Below. This the biggest trampoline you could ever go to and if you're a big fan of outdoor type adventures then you should 100% go for it. I promise you, it'll be the best £25 you'll get to spend on your trip.

We put our helmets on and after a longish brief,we were taken to the underground cave. I saw people having fun already in the first net, seeing how high they could go up. J went in ahead of me, I followed on, excited but apprehensive and that's when it went downhill. 

I have a fear of heights(I'm working on it) and I thought to myself that this was a great moment to keep on working on it. However, anyone who's been on an extremely wobbly trampoline suspended in a cave, will let you know that it's probably not the best time for it. For most people, it's the best fun, but I was petrified, I won't lie. I kept telling myself that I would be ok, that the main purpose of this was to have fun, and I tried. I got a rhythm going but once more people came and started bouncing in the same space, my rhythm was lost and that fear was back again. I wanted to try the slides, but that meant leaving the safe corner I had found and I didn't have enough courage to do it. It made me really sad, even now writing about it, hours after we have left, still makes me a bit teary (I did cry a little)

I was annoyed at myself for not being more confident in myself, or in the equipment. After a short while, I made my way back to the entrance as I couldn't handle it anymore. 

Although I didn't spend long on the trampolines, I was glad that I did attempt it. I might not have been the most confident person on those trampolines, but I guess I can say I was one of the bravest because when I managed to give myself another pep talk and dried my tears,  I went back in there and tried again.

Fear isn't one of those things you get over. It happens over time and we work on it. I learnt today to never compare where I am as an individual to someone else. Eventually I will get there. I won't be scared of heights or of water(I'm learning how to swim) . I'll be hiking up mountains and snorkelling. It might take me a little longer than most. But I will get there, and i'm sure my Blue Trainers will be with me, every step of the way ☺️

Have you had to overcome your fears ? Tell me about it in the comments box or email me if you don't want to share with the world

Till next time