Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre first came on my radar via Instagram and I knew I had to go there. I spent so much time searching online for things to do when I got there, but after being there, I thought I'd come back and share my best things to do in Cinque Terre.

Blue Trainers in Portoverne 

Blue Trainers in Portoverne 

Start where others don’t
With so many travel bloggers creating “travel guides, it’s so easy to plan our journey’s based on where other people have been to and for some of us, we end up following this to the latter. I hope that when you plan your trip to Cinque Terre, you don’t start in Monterosso, or in Riomaggiore but in Portoverne. You see it’s just as beautiful as the rest, and probably less crowded. 

Walk away from the crowds.

We all want the same “Instagram” shot. The problem with that is you get to some places and it’s packed with people who are thinking the same. Take a walk in the villages, away from where everyone else might be heading you. I promise you’ll find some gems along the way. 

Hiking in Cinque Terre was probably the highlight of my trip, after making Pesto of course. As a result of my lack of physical activity, I found it extremely challenging, but with every “Oh gosh I’m going to die, came a “Wow! That’s beautiful”. And that was true for both of the hikes that my friend Cara-May and I did. 
We did Monterosso –> Vernazza which saw us going up to an elevation of 150m and walking for 3.62km which took us 1hour and 50min. We did stop a lot because we thought it was going to be a walk in the park. So be prepared. 
The Manarola -> Corniglia route is equally as hard. This path was higher - up to 300m and it was much longer, just under 6km. But I was so proud that we did it and that we didn't decide to turn back. 
So when you go to Cinque Terre, buy the Cinque Terre pass. It comes with rail access but most importantly it allows you to hike between the villages. I promise you the views from up there are worth it. 


Till the next adventure