Bucket List 

Because everyone has a dream, and they put it in a bucket list and try and achieve it :) 

Venice, 2016

Venice, 2016

  1. Go snorkelling in the coral reef

  2. See the northern lights at Kakslauttanen igloo

  3. Take a swim in the Blue Lagoon

  4. Visit the Grand Canyon

  5. Visit Las Vegas

  6. Sleep under the milky way

  7. Be nose to trunk with an Elephant

  8. Have breakfast at Tiffany on 5th Avenue

  9. Take a helicopter ride in New York

  10. Go on a hot air balloon in Cappodocia

  11. Visit on of the pink lakes

  12. Celebrate lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  13. Go to Strasbourg during Christmas market

  14. Have afternoon tea the the Ritz in London

  15. Do a yoga class at The Shard

  16. Stay at a hotel that's on the water in Maldives

  17. Visit Japan during cherry blossom season

  18. Visit the Sekumpul Waterfall

  19. Go to Pura Tirta Empul at sunrise

  20. Do a star jump at the salt lake in Bolivia

  21. Set foot to all 7 continents

  22. Go on a cruise

  23. Visit Neuschwasnstein Castle in Germany

  24. Visit Disneyworld in Florida

  25. Go on a camel in Dubai

  26. Camp by Lake Alberta

  27. Take a swim in the Algarve, Portugal

  28. Take San Francisco cable car

  29. Have lunch in front of the Painted Ladies

  30. Stay at the Giraffe Lodge in Nairobi, Kenya